Rewilding the Shoalhaven

Rewilding the Shoalhaven is an ambitious proposal to construct an 80 hectare, 3.2 kilometre in length fox and feral cat exclusion fence to provide an environment to undertake research to determine the benefit that wildlife have on agricultural landscapes; and to reduce adaptation to captivity, and improve wild hardening of captive-to-wild animals.

Additional benefits will be to provide a safe haven for some of Australia's threatened critical weight range species, once endemic to the Illawarra / Shoalhaven region, including eastern quolls, the southern brown bandicoot, rufous bettongs, and the red necked pademelons and brush-tailed rock wallabies, prior to ‘outside the fence’ reintroductions.

Our role

Rewilding Australia is working with the local community to design and establish the concept and curriculum, and to develop links with researchers.

Why the Shoalhaven?

The Shoalhaven region is a biodiverse region of south eastern Australia. With a warm temperate climate and regular seasonal rainfall, the location provides an optimum site for a small-scale fox and feral cat exclusion fence. Various land management agencies involved in threatened species population augmentation (adding to an existing wild population) and species reintroduction programs, will be provided with an optimal location to support these efforts.