Australian Rewilding Network

Australian Rewilding Network

Rewilding Australia seeks to support other Australian rewilding programs via our Australian Rewilding Network. The network provides an information sharing platform that can assist in linking projects with individuals, organisations, researchers and communities.

Projects must meet at least one of the following criteria. Projects must use a science-based approach that:

  • values the role of keystone species (including endemic carnivores)
  • restores ecosystem function by returning missing ecosystem links
  • reduces management intervention by restoring species interactions
  • considers paleontological records to guide ecosystem management & species reintroduction
  • considers Indigenous Ecological Knowledge to guide ecosystem management
  • improves ecosystem resilience to future threats e.g. climate change, invasive species
  • increases landscape connectivity
  • increases landscape biodiversity
  • engages the community in planning and decision making

Wildlife protection sanctuaries using fences to prevent fox and cat predation and to reduce dispersal of native species, where a component of their overall experimental design aims to determine how to reintroduce those species beyond fenced enclosures, will also be considered.

Join the Australian rewilding network to share knowledge and experience of rewilding our unique wildlife.