Join team Rewilding Australia City2Surf 2019

Join team Rewilding Australia City2Surf 2019

Join Team Rewilding Australia in the City2Surf on Sunday 11th August to help raise awareness and vital funds to support Rewilding Australia’s conservation projects.

How Can I Start Fundraising?

  1. Set-up a Fundraising page here
  2. Name your Fundraising Page whatever you would like (e.g. Team Rewilding Australia – ‘Your Name’)
  3. Select a fundraising target (e.g. $500)
  4. Search for a charity (Rewilding Australia)
  5. Click ‘Create Fundraising Page’
  6. Once you’ve created your fundraising page, you can share the link with family and friends so they can donate

How your funds support Rewilding Australia

$50.00 – buys a wildlife transport box, used to transport quolls between sanctuaries and the wild
$250.00 – pays for the transfer of a quoll by air from wildlife sanctuaries to the wild
$400.00 – buys a wildlife camera trap to monitor our quolls in the wild
$750.00 – buys a radio collar that helps us follow the progress of our quolls in the wild
$1,000.00 – keeps our team in the field for a month!

By joining Team Rewilding Australia, you’ll also have a chance to win some great prizes (for the three team members who raise the most funds):

First prize:
1. Quoll plush toy, a family day pass to Taronga Zoo Sydney or Taronga Western Plains Zoo, reusable shopping bag, keep cup and drinking straws

Second prize
2. Quoll plush toy and Marini Ferlazzo journal

Third prize
3. Quoll plush toy

Limber up and get running!