Eastern Quoll Joeys Leave the Pouch – November 2018 update

Today, Rewilding Australia can announce that eastern quolls born in the wild in Booderee National Park have been photographed roaming independently from their mothers pouch, which they’ve called home for the past few months.

A young quoll emerges from on dusk at Booderee National Park to hunt for spiders and insects. Photo: Maree Clout

The reintroduction team has been closely monitoring the eastern quolls that were released on the south coast of NSW as a pilot trial for a reintroduction of the species to the mainland. In July, a the team pouch recorded pouch young from three female eastern quolls that bred in the park. These quolls are now nearing independence from their mothers. Over the past week, the team has trapped all four adult quolls in the park, and managed to trap seven of the young quolls. Trapping and monitoring in the park will continue, in an aim to identify additional juvenile eastern quolls.

As dusk arrives, young quolls play on this verandah at Booderee National Park in the first time in almost a century. Photo: Maree Clout

The eastern quoll is a ‘critical weight range’ species, lying in the 35g-5.5kg range of native mammals that are particularly susceptible to fox predation. For the past eight months, the Reintroduction Team has been collecting and analysing data in an effort to determine what level of fox control is required in the landscape for eastern quolls to persist.

Juvenile quolls born at Booderee National Park are cautious and on alert, quickly scampering off following any unusual sights and sounds. Photo: Maree Clout

The Reintroduction Team will continue to monitor the eastern quoll population in the park and continue to learn how to optimise the Program to re-establish eastern quolls in parts of their former range on mainland Australia.

Rewilding Australia thanks all of the contributors, supporters, donors and advocates of the rewilding the eastern quoll program – together we can restore Australian ecosystems!

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A young quoll investigating its surroundings at Booderee National Park. Photo: Maree Clout