Aussie Ark – a vital role in rewilding Australia’s forests

On November 9th, Aussie Ark was officially launched. Aussie Ark, located in the Barrington Tops region of NSW, is an expansion in scope for Devil Ark – the largest insurance breeding program for Tasmanian devils. Aussie Ark will play a vital role in providing a proving-ground for rewilding strategies for south eastern Australia’s forests. The Aussie Ark concept recognises that ecosystems are complex and require a full assemblage of the fauna that evolved in the ecosystem to function properly. By returning our native mammals to the landscape, Aussie Ark will provide a valuable research tool for better understanding of the vital and complex interactions between our ecosystem engineers (the bettongs, bandicoots and potoroos) and our ecosystem regulators (our quolls and devils).

The Ark will continue in it’s role in supporting the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program – which early on made an appeal that government and private funding was essential in creating an insurance program that would support a population of 1500 devils is essential in creating a sustainable, genetically diverse insurance population for the species.